Episode 7-Night Of The Living Dead

Our George Romero tribute. Settle down with the young’ins as we talk about Night Of The Living Dead. Find out why cats are the worst pets ever and why Romero and God should become BFF’s in Heaven. It’s a bittersweet half hour that you won’t want to miss!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 7-Night Of The Living Dead

  1. I’ve listened to two of these and they’re so cute. Want hear y’all’s take on Shaun of the Dead. And I was curious about the naked woman on the cover photo too.

    1. That’s a good idea. I’m sure we’ll do Shaun of the Dead in the coming months. As for the naked woman, she’s about 3 different shots throughout the film. I didn’t even notice that she also made the poster. Not really sure how a young, naked woman found her way into a film in the 60’s. But, I guess, it was the 60’s…

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