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Episode 33-Frightmare

For our final instalment of Flashback January, we’re jumping back to 1975 to watch Pete Walker’s British ::cough:: masterpiece, Frightmare. Nik saw this when he was 6 years old? Does it hold up? Is it frightening? Probably not! But listen to the podcast anyways because Katy Bug is cute and Nik isn’t the worst podcaster ever, right?…right…?

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Episode 17-The Shining

Our final Stephen King Tribute Month tribute, The Shining! Many people are fond of this obscure, often unheard of flick by a little known, indie director named Stanly Kubrick. And we’re no exception. We’re talking haunted hotels, beard oil, Chuck Norris, and my father in this action packed episode. Don’t miss this thrilling episode!

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