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Episode 4-Classroom Horror Tales

We’re talking a detour this week to trash talk about Colby’s school. Colby shares his experience with hostile teachers and punchy kids. Nik shares his frustration confronting an unhelpful principal. What’s it like to have autism at a school that has no clue what autism is? Find out! Some of this stuff is so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh with us.

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Episode 17-The Shining

Our final Stephen King Tribute Month tribute, The Shining! Many people are fond of this obscure, often unheard of flick by a little known, indie director named Stanly Kubrick. And we’re no exception. We’re talking haunted hotels, beard oil, Chuck Norris, and my father in this action packed episode. Don’t miss this thrilling episode!

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Episode 9-Suckablood & Friends

Settle in for 4 tales of hor- well, 3 tales of horror and 1 tale of a constipated banshee. Katy Bug demands comments and reviews. Colby has a thought or two about The Banshee. And I just want to go to bed because it’s late and I have work in the morning! Check us out at www.katyfromthecrypt.com. Or follow us on twitter @FantasticNik. Leave a review on the Apple podcast app and STAY SCARY!

Episode 4-Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

The printed word haunts our podcast for episode 4! Join us for frightening stories, lost brides, lurking monsters, witches, a wendigo, and a bitter fight over how to best serve turnips! Oh, the horror!

Episode 2-The Conjuring 2

Take a trip down terror lane in jolly ol’ England. We’ll learn why this movie is Katy Bug’s favorite horror flick and why I think 3 monsters is too darn many. Why does a horror movie need 3 freaking monsters?!

Episode 1-The Babadook

The first episode is up! Hang out with us as we talk about this Australian horror gem. We’ll debate if the monster is even real, why it’s important to booby trap your house, and something to do with the old Pink Panther movies.