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Episode 13-Uzumaki

We’re closing our tribute to Japan with our favorite story from our favorite Japanese author, Junji Ito. Nik gushes over how amazing this story is and Katy Bug pretends to not really care even though she’s read Uzumaki so many times 50 pages have fallen out.

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Episode 10-Dissolving Classroom

Our Japanese tribute, August Of The Rising Sun, is here! We kick off week 1 with Junji Ito’s Dissolving Classroom. Nik talks about his trip to California to meet Adam Carolla and the folks at Podcast One. Katy Bug talks about how she names all of her rings. And somewhere in between they manage to talk about Dissolving Classroom. Drop them a question, comment, complaint about their terrible Japanese pronouncements at Nikholman@katyfromthecrypt.com. Follow them on Twitter @FantasticNik. Leave a review on the Apple podcast app!