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Episode 37-Questions and Answers and Mr. Crypt

This week YOU are in charge! Katy Bug and I are answering your questions. Wanna know how Katy Bug can watch It and immediately go to bed for the night? Wanna know how I can live with myself after exposing my child to such terrors? Wanna know how much the future therapy bills are going to cost? The answers are found inside!

But that’s not all! Colby joins us as he and Katy Bug review their new favorite comic, Mr. Crypt. It’s a fun, all-ages comic by the fine folks at Alterna Comics. We love these folks. You can check out their website here for a list of comic stores near you.

But not even that is all! For the rest of February we’re giving away a bottle of Beardbeard’s amazing Spiced Citrus beard oil. Just write us a review on Itunes to be entered in a random drawing. You’ll smell great and we’ll feel validated!

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