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Episode 29-Year End Review

Say to goodbye to 2017 Katy From The Crypt style by listening to us talk about stuff! Got nothing better to do? Neither do we, so we’re talking about our favorite flick of the year. We’re also talking about biggest disappointments. Oh! And Nik harkens back to a memory he has about meeting Tobe Hooper and discovered that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn’t a real thing. Bummer! And Katy Bug talks about picking up men at bachelorette parties!

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Episode 8-Holidays

This week we’re taking a holiday into terror with an anthology flick that will leave you so confused and scared you’ll wish you were back at work. We’ll walk you through which entries are right for you and your little ghouls and which ones to leave on the cutting room floor. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Write a review on apple podcast. Maybe drop us an email at nikholman@katyfromthecrypt.com. Or follow us on twitter @FantasticNik.