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Episode 45-Weird Fiction

This week we’re going back to school to watch an outstanding student film, Weird Fiction! Listen as Katy Bug mumbles for a while because she’s “over tired”. Be amazed at my end-of-show rant about girls not allowing other girls to be funny! And somewhere in the middle we gush over this low-budget tribute to old-school anthology films. I also happen to be reviewing this film for Nerdly.co.uk. I’ll post a link as soon as the review is up.

We’re also starting a Patreon in the next couple of days. Our podcast will always be free, but we’re going to offer some extras in exchange for you money. Everybody wins!

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Episode 21-Trick R Treat

Our Halloween Spooktacular is in full terror mode! First, welcome our listeners in Brazil and Lebanon. Then, choke down some candy corn while you listen to our chat about Trick R’ Treat. Tonight, we’ve got it all! We talk murder! We talk spirits! We talk allergies! You don’t want to miss this episode. Happy Halloween, you freaks!

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Episode 8-Holidays

This week we’re taking a holiday into terror with an anthology flick that will leave you so confused and scared you’ll wish you were back at work. We’ll walk you through which entries are right for you and your little ghouls and which ones to leave on the cutting room floor. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Write a review on apple podcast. Maybe drop us an email at nikholman@katyfromthecrypt.com. Or follow us on twitter @FantasticNik.

Episode 6-The Monster Squad

Grab your skateboard and hair scrunchy for a thrilling ride back to the 80’s! Katy Bug hates this movie and I love it. Learn why I’m always right and why your kids will thank you for showing this classic next movie night.