Episode 61-Princess Mononoke

After a brief detour, we’re heading back to Japan with some more Studio Ghibli goodness! Princess Mononoke is our flick of the week and we’ve got to marvel at the lack of any Princess Mononoke. Is she the main character or not? How many arms can one arrow shoot off? And why is our dog Finn the worst dog ever?!? All these questions will probably not be answered in this week’s episode!

Episode 60-The Conjuring 3

We’re taking a break from our Studio Ghibli reviews to check out the new addition to the Conjuringverse, The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. How fares the 3rd installment to Ed and Lorraine Warren’s supernatural adventures? Was this couple doing God’s work or a total fraud? Did Katy say “unresponsible” or “irresponsible”? Only you can decide!

Episode 59-Spirited Away

We’re showing love this week to our favorite animated director, Hayao Miyazaki. Sure, he’s not exactly known for his slasher films, but it’s our show and we wanted an excuse to watch Spirited Away. It was the highest-grossing film in Japan for 20 years for a reason. Why? Listen to our show to find out!

Episode 58-Jurassic World

It’s our final May the 4th Movie in a Franchise and this week we’re going back, waaaaaay back 65 million years to Jurassic World! Okay, maybe you don’t consider this flick “horror”, but if you were being chased by giant, man-eating dinosaurs, I bet you would be horrified, fair?

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Episode 57-Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

We’re bone-deep into May the 4th Movie of a Franchise with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. A first of the show, neither Katy nor Nik has seen this movie! Will it blow their minds? Is it a total dud? Do they spend the first 10 minutes praising the brilliance of Hayao Miyazaki? You must listen to find out!

Episode 56-A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Week two of our May the 4th Movie in a Franchise continues with this gem of 80s nostalgia. Katy Bug and Nik are sick as farts but that won’t stop them from offering up the goods when it comes to the finest in horror podcasting. Does Freddy finally die? Do we check in? Do we check out? All of your questions will be answered here!

Episode 55-Scream 4

Welcome to May the 4th Movie in a Franchise! All month, in honor of Star Wars, we’re going to cover the 4th flick in a franchise (obviously) and this week we’re kicking it off with Scream 4. This soft reboot has a special place in Katy Bug’s heart but jams up her dad. Wanna know why? You don’t? Who cares! Listen anyway!

Episode 54-The Witches

This is a tough one, folks. We…we just don’t know what to say about The Witches. Just know that Katy From The Crypt loves you very much. The fact that we watched this so you didn’t have to is testament enough.

Episode 53-The Stylist

We’re serving up bite-sized bits of terror for you and you’re little ones. SHORTS! We love these free, spine-tingling nuggets and review some of our favorite horror shorts from the world of YouTube and Arrow.


  • Where’s Waldo
  • The Other Side of the Box
  • Don’t Peak


  • The Robbery
  • The Stylist

Episode 52-The Turning

This week we’re talking about iced coffee and positive vibes! And somewhere we also fit in a review of The Turning. Nik gives it a “meh” and Katy Bug gives it a “yeah”. Is it good? Is it not? YOU decide!