Episode 45-Weird Fiction

This week we’re going back to school to watch an outstanding student film, Weird Fiction! Listen as Katy Bug mumbles for a while because she’s “over tired”. Be amazed at my end-of-show rant about girls not allowing other girls to be funny! And somewhere in the middle we gush over this low-budget tribute to old-school anthology films. I also happen to be reviewing this film for Nerdly.co.uk. I’ll post a link as soon as the review is up.

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One thought on “Episode 45-Weird Fiction

  1. Hi, first of all, I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to review our film! And secondly, I’d love to give you some more info on Fame Cinema, just because we love what we’re doing and I’d love to spread the word about us! So, we are a group of a pretty wide variety of ages. The “core group” is made up of 5 of us; Jacob (20), Taylor (25), Danielle (24), Christian (20), Matt (15), and myself (20). We also have reoccurring members who are anywhere between 15 and 26. And now, onto Weird Fiction! We have not released it yet (October 3 is the official release date), however a trailer is releasing on May 1. We will have some merchandise for Weird Fiction, as well as dvds available to purchase on an indiegogo page. However this won’t be until we’ve fully started advertising and preparing to launch Weird Fiction. I hope anyone who is interested gives us a look on our Facebook page (weird fiction movie) and our instagram (@weirdfictionmovie) or take a look at Jacob’s Youtube (JacobSpeaks) where we have posted other short films of ours; starting with Two Good Things, which was the first ever “Fame Cinema Production”. Again, thank you so much for the review and I’m really glad you liked the film!

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