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Episode 10-Dissolving Classroom

Our Japanese tribute, August Of The Rising Sun, is here! We kick off week 1 with Junji Ito’s Dissolving Classroom. Nik talks about his trip to California to meet Adam Carolla and the folks at Podcast One. Katy Bug talks about how she names all of her rings. And somewhere in between they manage to talk about Dissolving Classroom. Drop them a question, comment, complaint about their terrible Japanese pronouncements at Follow them on Twitter @FantasticNik. Leave a review on the Apple podcast app!

Episode 9-Suckablood & Friends

Settle in for 4 tales of hor- well, 3 tales of horror and 1 tale of a constipated banshee. Katy Bug demands comments and reviews. Colby has a thought or two about The Banshee. And I just want to go to bed because it’s late and I have work in the morning! Check us out at Or follow us on twitter @FantasticNik. Leave a review on the Apple podcast app and STAY SCARY!

Episode 8-Holidays

This week we’re taking a holiday into terror with an anthology flick that will leave you so confused and scared you’ll wish you were back at work. We’ll walk you through which entries are right for you and your little ghouls and which ones to leave on the cutting room floor. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Write a review on apple podcast. Maybe drop us an email at Or follow us on twitter @FantasticNik.

Episode 7-Night Of The Living Dead

Our George Romero tribute. Settle down with the young’ins as we talk about Night Of The Living Dead. Find out why cats are the worst pets ever and why Romero and God should become BFF’s in Heaven. It’s a bittersweet half hour that you won’t want to miss!

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Episode 6-The Monster Squad

Grab your skateboard and hair scrunchy for a thrilling ride back to the 80’s! Katy Bug hates this movie and I love it. Learn why I’m always right and why your kids will thank you for showing this classic next movie night.

Episode 5-Paranormal Activity

Bring your Dramamine for this found footage modern day classic! We talk haunted houses, coughing dogs, and Katy Bugs first nightmare. Not to be missed!

Episode 4-Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

The printed word haunts our podcast for episode 4! Join us for frightening stories, lost brides, lurking monsters, witches, a wendigo, and a bitter fight over how to best serve turnips! Oh, the horror!

Episode 3-Triple Feature

We’re keeping it small in episode 3! Join us for 3 terrifying tales straight from Youtube. We’ll talk about short horror that’s so good, you’ll wish they were 6 minutes instead of 4.

Episode 2-The Conjuring 2

Take a trip down terror lane in jolly ol’ England. We’ll learn why this movie is Katy Bug’s favorite horror flick and why I think 3 monsters is too darn many. Why does a horror movie need 3 freaking monsters?!